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Part 01: The Story

In this series I talk about the process of the “Tughskn” brand created back in 2019 by me. An hustle original with a widespread focus on boldness. Here is a breakdown as how I got it all started and how it’s growing.

Part 02: The Collection

The DAP™ Classic short sleeve has ben designed to represent the bold nature of a true hustler. In order to launch a clothing brand, or any company for that matter, a small concept collection was created. Here is a look at the process of concepts.

Part 03: The Samples

The fabric materials are everything, more important that the design. No matter how great a design is, if the material is garbage, your product is not valuable. See who we partnered with and why.

Part 04: Hats, My Favorite

One of my favorite pieces to any fit is the headwear. So for the soft-launch of the Dap™ collection of Tughskn®,  sampling was critical.

Part 05: The Launch

It’s official… I cover the launch and the steps I took to make it happen.


Thank you for following the process on YouTube and Instagram.